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Long lasting solution against bird droppings.

effective solutions

to get rid of pigeons

We may encounter lots of instances with the nuisance caused by birds, especially pigeons. Getting rid of the birds standing on buildings is difficult as the artisanal devices deter the birds for short time. Based on this the only effective solution is the installation of a pigeon deterrent. 

Our company ensures planning and installation of pigeon deterrent systems on buildings or parts of buildings with decades of experience and professional knowledge. 

You can read more about our pigeon deterrent systems if you scroll down. 


Pigeon deterrent systems

1. Mechanical pigeon deterrence

The product is made of stainless steel so its resistance to corrosion is high, which provides very long lifespan and an optically nice look. The pigeon deterrent is easily recognisable by the pigeons so injury of the pigeons is not characteristic. The product can be cut to dimension using sheet cutting scissors.


The spiked deterrent can be used at window seals, parapets, on balustrades, balcony balustrades, so in such places where a narrow area has to be covered. It provides optimal protection on the surfaces to be protected.


The spiked pigeon deterrents may be installed in one or more rows or they can be combined. In case of covering the whole surface the “flying behind” can be avoided and the settling of the pigeons becomes impossible. Fixing the spiked deterrent onto the surface may be done with stainless steel screws, rivets through holes in the sheet or with sticking for which we offer special glue.

2. Protection against birds using nets

By installing the nets over or in front of the area to be protected, the inwards flight and nesting of the birds can be avoided. The perlon net is resistant to UV rays and to the weather and it is made of water repellent material. It can be cut to dimensions from the roll using scissors.


The net is made of transparent material so when it is stretched is almost invisible. Its life span is extremely long.


The net cut to dimensions has to be installed stretched onto the surface to be protected fixed to a stainless steel wire.

3. Electric pigeon deterrent system

The low voltage current impulses are generated by an impulse generator. The electric shocks are inoffensive for both people and other animals but are a nuisance for the pigeons and they do not settle onto the protected area.


The electric pigeon deterrent system protects the edges of the buildings, the window sills, the balustrades, the attic walls, the railings and the canopies from pigeons settling there by continuous low voltage current impulses. The aluminium sticks (diameter 3 mm) are fixed in a UV resistant holder cca 31 mm high. These are fixed using a special glue onto the surface. The electric system is capable to protect cca 25 mm wide and maximum 60 mm wide surface installed in one row.


The system can be extended optionally with a rain sensing equipment, which switches off the system in case of heavy rain in order to avoid the short circuits. You may also opt for a surge protection unit in case of lightning.


The installation of the system can only be done by a qualified professional, so we sell it only complete with installation.



Pigeon deterrent spikes

apartment in Budapest

Pigeon deterrent spikes

apartment in Szekszard

Pigeon deterrent net

apartment in Szekszard

Electric pigeon deterrent system

public building in Tolna


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